Long Salopette L1 with Insert

By Q36.5


Crafted for high-intensity training in mid-season and early winter, the Long L1 X Cycling Salopette stands as a quintessential piece within Q36.5's Equipment line. Engineered with the brand's Wind Control technology, this tight boasts the innovative UF-Hybrid Shell PLUS fabric, characterised by its super high-density weave and augmented warmth with the inclusion of Heat Fibre—derived from coffee bean processing residues—to attract and utilise far-infrared rays for enhanced body heat generation. Compared to its predecessor, this iteration showcases a 1-degree Celsius temperature increase.

The design ethos of the Long L1 X priorities simplicity and functionality, featuring an evolved ergogenic pattern design with strategically positioned seams, including an anti-stress panel eliminating central seams in the crotch area. Utilising laser raw cut finishing, unnecessary seams have been eliminated, while panel alignment optimises elasticity in tandem with pedal stroke direction, a boon for discerning riders attuned to nuanced performance during cycling.

Tested at revolutions exceeding 110rpm, the Long L1 X ensures unrestricted movement while delivering warmth despite its lightweight construction, catering to cyclists seeking peak performance in cold conditions.

Key Features:

  • Ergonomic cut for enhanced fit
  • Laser raw cut for streamlined aesthetics
  • Strategic seam placement for optimal comfort
  • Suitable for cold, dry, and wet weather conditions
  • Reflective inserts for improved visibility
  • Enhanced durability with Dyneema® insert for saddle area protection
  • Chamois powered by Elastic Interface® CyTech Italy for superior comfort

Material Composition:

  • 62% polyamide
  • 35% elastane
  • 2% silver
  • 1% carbon fibre (PAC)

Temperature Range:

  • Body Temperature Stability Guarantee: 5° to 15° Celsius


  • 255 grams