Santini Bonette Cycling Jersey - Extra Large

By Santini

Santini Bonette Cycling Jersey - Maillot Jaune Official.

Designed as a tribute to the towering Cime de la Bonette, the highest peak of Tour de France 2024 at 2,802 meters, this jersey symbolizes the triumph over monumental challenges in cycling. Crafted for elite cyclists who dare to conquer the most daunting altitudes, it combines maximum breathability with unrivaled comfort. The raw-cut, elongated sleeves conform seamlessly to the body, ensuring a natural fit without constraint. A silicone grip elastic at the waist secures the jersey in place, while the triple rear pocket, featuring a lightweight mesh layer, provides ample storage for essentials during long rides.

Inspired by one of Europe's highest roads, the Santini Bonette Jersey promises performance and style, making it an essential choice for cyclists who seek to excel on the toughest climbs. Join the league of champions and embrace the challenge with a jersey that embodies the spirit of cycling excellence.