Santini Wind Vest | Core Protection

By Santini


Santini Wind Vest with Extra Core Protection - Maillot Jaune.

Crafted for cyclists who demand peak performance in mid-season conditions, the Maillot Jaune Wind Vest offers a windproof design with an aerodynamic fit. Its back and lower front feature stretch mesh for a precise, lightweight feel, ensuring optimal comfort during rides. The vest incorporates POLARTEC® Alpha thermodynamic fabric on the front and shoulders, providing exceptional insulation and warmth, particularly ideal for chilly descents.

Designed with practicality in mind, the vest includes a double rear opening for easy access to jersey pockets, enhancing convenience on the road. Reflective details on the back increase visibility, ensuring safety during low-light conditions. Perfect for serious cyclists, this vest combines technical innovation with comfort, delivering essential protection against the elements without compromising on performance. Gear up and conquer every ride with confidence in the Maillot Jaune Wind Vest.