The Procen helmet is a masterpiece of lightweight, aerodynamic design, prioritising ventilation and speed to enhance the rider's performance. Crafted to harness the Venturi effect, it expertly manages airflow around the head, ensuring absolute speed and superior heat control, especially during intense time trial efforts.

Engineered for more than just speed, the Procen guarantees exceptional comfort throughout the most demanding time trial sessions. Rigorously tested through extensive Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis and real-world track trials, this helmet optimises airflow to achieve peak performance.

Featuring large ventilation inlets at the front, the Procen efficiently channels air through the helmet, providing comprehensive cooling for the entire head and shoulders. Its innovative two-position lens system addresses the common issue of lens fogging, offering a clear line of sight even in the most demanding conditions. The detachable visor lens further enhances safety, designed to break away from the helmet upon impact.

With a user-friendly whole-head adjustment system, the Procen ensures a secure and comfortable fit for every rider, combining optimum protection with unmatched speed on the road.