Q36.5 Dottore Clima Bib

By Q36.5


The Q36.5 Dottore Pro Bib Shorts are meticulously engineered to enhance cycling performance and endurance. Crafted with premium materials, these bib shorts deliver superior fit, aerodynamic efficiency, and unmatched comfort. The ergonomically designed fit, featuring gradual compression, provides optimal muscle support to help cyclists push their limits and achieve peak performance.

At the core of these bib shorts lies the innovative Q LAB Air Chamois, designed to adapt to the rider's position for maximum comfort. The unique stitching allows independent movement of two layers, minimising friction and ensuring a seamless fit regardless of sitting position or anatomy.

Constructed with a high-density woven fabric, the gradual compression technology promotes blood circulation and reduces muscle fatigue without compromising freedom of movement. Embedded with silver thread, these bib shorts offer rapid drying, antibacterial properties, and protection against electro-magnetic smog, enhancing overall comfort and performance.

The elastic strap construction follows the contours of the torso, providing stability and security without causing pressure points. Meanwhile, the proprietary leg hem finishing ensures a secure fit without uncomfortable elastic bands, allowing cyclists to focus solely on their ride.

To further enhance performance, these bib shorts feature a lumbar support system crafted from high-density woven fabric, offering additional compression to support the lumbar and gluteal muscles. Experience unmatched comfort, support, and performance with the Q36.5 Dottore Pro Bib Shorts, designed to take your cycling to the next level.