Q36.5 Dottore Pro Jersey

By Q36.5


The Q36.5 Dottore Pro Cycling Jersey incorporates cutting-edge technology to enhance performance during intense rides. Crafted from a 3D-woven fabric with silver thread, this jersey boasts ultra-quick drying capabilities, ensuring you stay dry even during rigorous exertion. Its lightweight design and ergonomic fit minimise drag, while the aero-optimised texture provides maximum advantage at speeds ranging from 40 to 59km/h.

Featuring Quick-Dry Technology, the proprietary Pinstripe PRO material swiftly wicks moisture away from the skin, promoting rapid evaporation and keeping you comfortable throughout your ride. Additionally, the inclusion of silver thread not only accelerates drying times but also offers antibacterial properties and shields against electro-magnetic smog, reducing muscle fatigue.

Designed for versatility, the Q36.5 Dottore Pro Cycling Jersey excels in a variety of conditions, making it suitable for three-season wear. Its superior breathability and moisture management ensure comfort across a wide range of temperatures.

Engineered with precision using body-mapping technology and minimal seams, this aerodynamic jersey optimises performance by reducing drag, particularly at higher speeds. Dominate the road with the Q36.5 Dottore Pro Cycling Jersey, engineered for peak performance in every ride.