Signature Sock

By Velocio


The Signature Wool Sock offers versatility for cyclists across three seasons, combining ultra fine merino wool with superior fit and design akin to summer-weight socks. With a cuff height ranging from 18 to 22cm (2cm per size) from the heel and featuring a 2cm double welt, these socks provide both style and functionality.

Featuring a cross-hatch arch band and closed-knit construction on the top of the foot, the Signature Wool Sock ensures a snug fit, sleek profile, and enhanced thermal protection, delivering comfort in various temperatures. The natural thermo-regulating and odour-resistant properties of merino wool make it an ideal choice for prolonged rides.

Moreover, the inclusion of nylon enhances durability and longevity, especially in high-wear areas, ensuring that these socks withstand the demands of rigorous cycling activities.