The Tempor helmet, renowned for its award-winning design, offers cyclists the cutting-edge advantage essential for dominating time trial races. Engineered with superior aerodynamics and safety features, this helmet boasts an EPS liner that ensures maximum protection, with strategically increased thickness in high-risk areas.

During its development, POC collaborated with Olympic time trial medalist Gustav Larsson and aerodynamic specialists from Semcon to ensure optimal performance. Unlike traditional approaches, POC's conceptualisation of aerodynamics viewed the rider as a unified body mass, resulting in a holistic design that integrates seamlessly with the rider's form.

Utilising advanced Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) aerodynamic simulations, POC meticulously evaluated and optimised the helmet's performance. The incorporation of two front air intakes reduces air resistance by efficiently channeling airflow through the helmet and past the shoulders, providing not only exceptional aerodynamics but also ample ventilation for enhanced comfort during intense rides.