By UDog


Experience the pinnacle of cycling performance with UDogs CENTO shoe, featuring the cutting-edge UDOG Micro Twist dial for unparalleled fit customisation. This innovative micro-adjusting rotor ensures a uniform, personalised fit, delivering enhanced support and stability for every ride. Engineered with a 30mm ergonomic dial and soft rubber edge, it offers superior grip in all conditions, while its low-profile design, just 10mm thick, enhances aerodynamics for optimal speed.

Crafted for maximum versatility, CENTO boasts a lightweight yet ultra-resistant microfibre upper, perforated with precision using advanced laser technology. This adaptive material provides a balance of comfort and support, allowing natural foot movements while maintaining secure power delivery. Reinforced with data-driven TPU areas, it ensures optimal efficiency throughout your ride.

The TENSION WRAP SYSTEM 2.0 optimises fit further by acting across independent tensors, offering consistent support across the shoe's upper. Textile lace guides eliminate pressure points, ensuring a comfortable and snug fit on every ride.

Beneath the surface, a stiff carbon sole with a stiffness index of 11 delivers uncompromising power transfer. Featuring a directional ventilation channel and integrated rubber heel and toe caps, the sole enhances airflow and durability. With a large platform for easy cleat engagement and precise fore/aft adjustments, CENTO offers a tailored fit for every rider. Plus, titanium alloy cleat nuts allow for 5mm rearward positioning, optimising pedal and cleat alignment.