By UDog


UDog CIMA, the epitome of comfort and high-performance cycling footwear. This shoe represents the perfect balance between stiffness and softness, ensuring an unparalleled riding experience.

Crafted to excel on climbs, CIMA is a lightweight climber's dream. Boasting an impressive stiffness index of 11, this shoe guarantees remarkable power transfer while maintaining exceptional comfort and breathability. Weighing a mere 240 grams in size 42, it sets a new standard for lightweight cycling footwear.

The unique design of CIMA priorities comfort without compromising on performance. Extensive prototyping and real-world testing have resulted in a shoe with a generous toe box, providing exceptional freedom of movement. The deep and narrow heel cup, featuring innovative construction, eliminates stitches in the most sensitive areas of the feet, ensuring a snug and secure fit.

Say goodbye to loosening laces during intense rides. CIMA features a lace-up closure system with proprietary flat laces, guaranteeing a secure fit throughout every pedal stroke. From demanding climbs to challenging flat races, these laces ensure optimal performance in any riding condition.

Experience the pinnacle of cycling footwear with CIMA – a lightweight, comfortable, and high-performance shoe designed to conquer every summit with ease.