UDOG Distanza Gravel shoe

By UDog


UDOG's Distanza gravel/off-road shoe, crafted for the ultimate adventure and versatility in riding. Engineered with a crag-inspired outsole, this shoe wraps around the toe and heel, offering enhanced durability, protection, and a distinct design. Whether tackling rugged mountain trails or urban streets, the Distanza keeps you light, sturdy, and in command.

Experience the Tension Wrap System, meticulously designed with 16 points of contact between the upper and your feet. This metatarsal dynamic system snugly embraces your foot from the instep to the bridge, ensuring optimal fit and support. With a controlled transfer of power to the pedal, you'll enjoy unparalleled comfort throughout your entire ride.

Crafted for comfort, the Distanza boasts a spacious toe box and deep heel cup, providing a unique level of comfort for all your biking adventures, long rides, and travels. Its upper features innovative three-dimensional engineered mesh, offering a blend of lightweight, durability, and breathability.

Equipped with a hybrid lace-up closure system, this shoe maximises comfort and minimises stitching, ensuring a secure fit from crit races to endurance rides. The proprietary flat and pressed laces maintain tension over time, offering a reliable and snug fit.

The Distanza's outsole, centered around a carbon composite core, combines moulded sticky rubber for added traction and protection. With large lugs designed for optimal grip and walking comfort, this shoe provides excellent power transfer and stability.


  • Nylon composite rubber outsole
  • Heel cup pull tab
  • Engineered mesh upper
  • Flattened laces for long-lasting tension
  • Spacious toe box for comfort
  • Weight: 330g (size 42)
  • Tongue lace storage pocket
  • Designed in Italy
  • Includes cotton bag for storage