Ventral Air MIPS



The latest addition to their lineup, this performance helmet redefines coolness with innovative features tailored for maximum airflow. Engineered with precision ventilation ports and internal channels, it regulates air intake and release to deliver refreshing airflow across the entire head. Whether tackling mountain trails or enduring scorching summer rides, the Ventral Air Mips ensures optimal cooling comfort.

Designed to optimise aerodynamics, this helmet minimises drag and enhances the rider's performance. Strategic airflow zones promote ventilation, while an aerodynamically optimised trailing edge reduces turbulence. Crafted with POC's Whole Helmet Concept™, it boasts a fully wrapped unibody shell construction and an EPS liner, striking the perfect balance between lightweight design and uncompromising safety. The integrated Mips technology further enhances rotational impact protection.

For a personalised fit, the helmet features a lightweight size adjustment system, ensuring a snug and secure fit for every rider. Additionally, an eye garage provides convenient and secure storage for eyewear during rides, adding practicality to its performance-driven design.