Women's Solitude Bibs



Pas Normal Studios | Womens Solitude Bib Shorts

Crafted from proprietary fabrics developed exclusively for Pas Normal Studios, the Solitude Bib Shorts offer superior performance and comfort for dedicated cyclists. These bibs feature innovative 3D pathways that form air channels, efficiently transporting heat away from the body. These channels span from the hems to the back panel, ensuring optimal air circulation and breathability during intense rides.

The Solitude Bib Shorts also incorporate exposed polyester yarn on the interior for enhanced airflow, and have been updated with taller striped silicone leg grippers for improved grip distribution.

Key Features:

  • Heat Management: Unique 3D air channels promote effective heat dissipation.
  • Enhanced Grip: Taller striped silicone leg grippers ensure even grip distribution.
  • Breathability: Exposed polyester yarn on the inside enhances ventilation.
  • Lightweight Comfort: Weighs just 122g for an ultra-light feel.
  • Durability: Resilient to elastic degradation with bonded hems and silicone grippers.
  • UV Protection: UPF 50+ fabric shields against harmful sun exposure.
  • Premium Comfort: Four-layer ultralight foam chamois provides enduring comfort.
  • Secure Fit: Micro-perforated straps offer a firm and comfortable fit.
  • Subtle Design: Tone-in-tone Solitude branding on the back for a sleek finish.

Product Details:

  • Weight: 122g
  • Material: 82% Polyester, 18% Elastane
  • Origin: Made in Portugal

The Solitude Bib Shorts are designed for cyclists who demand peak performance and comfort. With advanced fabric technology and a focus on breathability and heat management, these bib shorts are ideal for high-intensity rides.