Dedicated to the art of crafting custom bikes that defy limitations, Argonaut Cycles brings together a team of passionate bicycle enthusiasts, skilled craftspeople, and relentless innovators. With a deep-rooted commitment to pushing the boundaries of custom bike design, they continuously explore new horizons within the composites industry, infusing ingenuity into every step of their carbon bike manufacturing process.
From their humble beginnings brazing frames to their current mastery of carbon fibre, Argonaut Cycles stands as a beacon of change at the intersection of carbon innovation and cycling. Their mission? To redefine the possibilities of carbon bike building while prioritising customer satisfaction and empowerment throughout the journey. Each custom bike is meticulously crafted to the highest standards of quality, ensuring a lifetime of unparalleled performance and durability. 
Fun is Fast
Founded by Ben Farver in 2007, Argonaut Cycles initially focused on steel bikes before transitioning to carbon fibre. Driven not only by performance but also by the endless potential for customisation offered by carbon, Ben and his team have spent nearly a decade perfecting their craft. Today, Argonaut bikes retain the timeless feel of steel but with a modern twist—lighter, stiffer, and offering a ride quality that transcends expectations. Based in Bend, Oregon, Argonaut Cycles designs, tests, and manufactures their bikes in-house, drawing inspiration from the Pacific Northwest's rugged terrain and adventurous spirit. With a team of 18 dedicated individuals, they strive to continually innovate and improve, asking the simple question: why settle for good when you can strive for greatness?
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