Made for maximum velocity, the ARC 1400 DICUT. Developed in collaboration with Swiss Side aerodynamic experts, these rim brake wheels are offered in three distinct rim heights: 80mm, 62mm, and 48mm. Engineered to minimise drag and ensure superior stability, these aerodynamic wheels optimise the synergy between cyclist and bike across diverse conditions. Featuring an upgraded 240 DICUT Aero hub with Ratchet EXP technology for precise engagement. Whether conquering flat triathlon courses, tackling rolling hills, or navigating challenging terrains, the ARC 1400 DICUT series is meticulously designed for time trial races and high-performance cycling endeavours. Choose the ARC 1400 DICUT 80 for maximum aerodynamic advantage, opt for the versatile ARC 1400 DICUT 62 for adaptable performance, or select the agile ARC 1400 DICUT 48 for dynamic racing experiences in any landscape.


Meet the GRC 1400 SPLINE 42, reigning supreme as the pinnacle of gravel racing wheels. Meticulously crafted to redefine industry standards, this wheelset embodies sophistication and innovation. With a comprehensive engineering approach, every aspect has been reconsidered to deliver unparalleled performance on gravel terrain. From its aerodynamic design to its ability to effortlessly support wide gravel tires, this wheelset prioritizes comfort, traction, and durability. Whether you're navigating rugged trails or conquering challenging off-road terrain, the GRC 1400 SPLINE 42 is your ultimate companion for the ultimate gravel adventure.


Embark on your endurance journey with confidence, courtesy of the all-new ERC wheels. Engineered with AERO+ optimised rim profiles, these wheels ensure stability and control on your extended rides. With ample room for wider tires up to 32 mm, every kilometer feels effortless as you glide along the road. The 240 DICUT Aero hub, equipped with the reliable Ratchet EXP freehub system, efficiently translates each pedal stroke into speed. DT aero comp t-head spokes further enhance performance, making every ride a joyous experience. Choose the ERC 1400 DICUT 35 for agility and speed, perfect for varied terrain and chasing KOMs. Opt for the ERC 1400 DICUT 45 for aerodynamic prowess on longer rides, providing comfort and safety even during fast descents.
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