Our Town Builds Bikes

Collaborating with a dedicated team including Robin Mather, Matthew Sowter, David Mercer, Andres Arregui Velazquez, Tom Sturdy, Columbus, The Bicycles Academy, and many more, a frame-building workshop has been established in Omaruru, Namibia. Here, skilled Namibians are crafting top-tier steel-framed bicycles. Namibia, known for its talented artisans, often faces challenges with limited job opportunities beyond agricultural work. By introducing the craft of building high-quality steel bicycles, Onguza provided a valuable trade that matches the exceptional skills of our workforce. From the outset, the goal was to create bicycles that rival the best in the world. In the heart of Namibia, amidst the dusty streets of Omaruru, the Onguza team of artisans meticulously handcrafts world-class steel-framed bicycles. It's an unexpected location for such a remarkable endeavour, but Onguza are proud to be defying expectations.

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