Founded by Tom, Sturdy Cycles blends his lifelong passion for cycling with a strong academic background in Aerospace Engineering and Sports Biomechanics. With extensive experience as an elite athlete, Tom brings a unique perspective to crafting bespoke, tailor-made bicycle designs. As demand for Sturdy Cycles grows, Tom has expanded his team to include additional staff members, forming a small yet dedicated team committed to producing some of the world's most exquisite and technologically advanced titanium bicycles. Throughout its evolution, Sturdy Cycles has explored various design approaches and fabrication methods, all while maintaining a steadfast focus on two key principles: Maximizing the potential for positive interaction between rider and bike through personalized bike fit based on individual biomechanics. Harnessing advancements in manufacturing technologies to enhance biomechanical performance, incorporating benefits such as improved aerodynamics, structural integrity, technology integration, and aesthetic appeal.

Designed, engineered & built to suit you

Each bike starts from carefully engineered models. Designed, engineered & built to suit your unique fit, handling preferences & structural needs.

The durability and resilience of Titanium suited the Sturdy ideal

New technologies and materials offer the opportunity to break away from the restrictions and constraints associated with traditional bicycle building processes.
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