Lazer Z1 KinetiCore

By Lazer


Introducing the Z1 KinetiCore helmet—a pinnacle of lightweight engineering and superior ventilation, engineered for optimal safety.

Building upon the renowned Z1 platform, favoured by elite athletes like Andre Greipel, Lazer has elevated every aspect with the integration of their patented KinetiCore technology. Achieving an impressive 5-star safety rating from Virginia Tech, this helmet boasts rotational impact protection while maintaining a featherweight design at just 220g (M CE).

Crafted with strategically positioned vents, angled bridges, and a floating headband, the Z1 KinetiCore ensures unrivalled airflow without compromising aerodynamics. For added versatility, an optional Lazer Aeroshell can be installed to optimise aerodynamics and shield against the elements.

Enhancing the wearer's experience, the upgraded Lazer Advanced RollSys system ensures a snug and comfortable fit across the entire head. Further features include lightweight recycled straps for enduring comfort and convenient eyewear docking slots.

With its bold and aggressive design, the Z1 KinetiCore commands attention while providing unmatched protection and performance—earning it a prestigious 5-star safety rating in rotational impact tests by Virginia Tech.