Dottore Pro Bib Shorts

By Q36.5


The Q36.5 Dottore Pro Bib Shorts are meticulously crafted to empower cyclists in their pursuit of peak performance and enhanced cycling fitness. These bib shorts are engineered using cutting-edge materials and technologies to deliver superior fit, aerodynamic efficiency, and comfort, enabling riders to push their boundaries with confidence.

At the core of these bib shorts lies the Q LAB Air Chamois, a revolutionary innovation that adapts to the rider's unique sitting position and anatomy. Its advanced stitching allows independent movement of two layers, ensuring optimal comfort and support without friction or discomfort.

Crafted from a high-density woven proprietary fabric, the gradual compression feature promotes blood circulation and reduces muscle fatigue, facilitating sustained performance during intense rides. Additionally, the incorporation of silver thread not only accelerates drying times but also offers antibacterial properties and protection against electromagnetic smog, further enhancing rider comfort and well-being.

The elastic strap construction of the bibs contours to the torso, providing essential stability without creating pressure points, while the proprietary leg hem finishing ensures a secure fit without the need for uncomfortable elastic or silicon strips. Riders can enjoy uninterrupted comfort and freedom of movement, even during high-intensity efforts.

Furthermore, the inclusion of a Lumbar Support System, crafted from a proprietary high-density woven fabric, provides targeted compression to support the lumbar and gluteal muscles, enhancing stability and power output for a more efficient riding experience. With the Q36.5 Dottore Pro Bib Shorts, cyclists can unlock their full potential and conquer new challenges on the road or trail.