Poc helmet vental air mips ef education pink



The Ventral Air Mips helmet, renowned for its excellence, boasts precise ventilation systems and internal channels strategically designed to manage airflow at various speeds, enhancing both ventilation and aerodynamics.

Despite its featherweight construction, the Ventral Air Mips ensures uncompromised security with its fully wrapped uni-body shell and optimised EPS liner, striking the perfect balance between weight and safety. Featuring a MIPS layer, it provides an additional layer of protection.

Crafted with a focus on comfort and flexibility, this helmet incorporates a lightweight adjustment system and ergonomically designed precision straps for an impeccable fit. Notably, it introduces an innovative eye garage for convenient storage of cycling glasses.

This limited-edition helmet mirrors the one used by EF Education-EasyPost riders, offering exceptional ventilation, minimal weight, and top-tier protection—a proven choice in WorldTour racing. Timed to coincide with the prestigious Tour de France, it celebrates the pinnacle of cycling.

Jonathan Vaughters of EF Education-EasyPost expresses, “Our helmets, epitomising top-notch performance, align with the team's ethos. With POC helmets, fans can now embrace the iconic pink look while enjoying the same quality as our riders.”

Dressed in EF Education-EasyPost's signature pink, the 2023 design pays homage to the team's heritage while embracing its future, accentuated by shades that honour its legacy and the timeless argyle pattern—a nod to the fans' enduring support.