Procen Air



Designed for speed and performance, the Procen Air seamlessly integrates the advantages of a time trial helmet into road cycling, offering the comfort and ventilation essential for enduring days in the peloton.

Drawing inspiration from POC's renowned time trial helmets, the Procen Air boasts a sleek surface designed to effortlessly slice through the air. Its innovative ventilation system, inspired by the Venturi effect, ensures optimal cooling throughout the entire head, minimising air disruption for superior aerodynamic advantages.

Enhancing its aerodynamic profile, the Procen Air comes equipped with an integrated visor, eliminating the need for traditional sunglasses. Featuring a magnetic attachment and storage system, the visor can be effortlessly removed and stowed at the rear of the helmet during rides. Additionally, the supplied lens incorporates Clarity Road technology, enhancing contrast and colour control for enhanced visibility on the road.

For added aerodynamic efficiency, the helmet includes integrated ear covers made from soft EVA material, reducing wind noise and further streamlining its silhouette. With an integrated adjustment system spanning from temple to temple around the back of the head, finding a comfortable and secure fit is effortless, ensuring every rider can optimise their performance in the peloton.