Q36.5 Long sleeve L1 Pinstripe X

By Q36.5


Now available in a long sleeve variant, the Jersey Pinstripe X offers sun protection and versatility for slightly cooler weather. Featuring a new pattern cut with minimal seams, it boasts a revolutionary 3-dimensional fabric that dries 50% faster than its predecessor. Crafted with an Ergogenic Pattern design, this garment provides targeted support to specific muscle groups, ensuring stability and reducing fatigue during intense activity. The inclusion of silver thread enhances thermal conductivity and shields against electrostatic and magnetic interference, promoting uninterrupted muscle function. With an invisible pocket system seamlessly integrated into the jersey pattern, it offers ample storage without compromising aerodynamics. Built with durable Pinstripe Lx fabric, this jersey is backpack-approved, combining lightweight comfort with exceptional toughness for enduring performance.