Q36.5 Salopette Gregarius Ultra

By Q36.5


Crafted to be an indispensable part of any long-distance training gear, the Q36.5 Gregarius Pro Cycling Bib Shorts offer advanced muscle support for intense rides while ensuring unparalleled comfort for extended periods in the saddle, thanks to the unique Super Moulded chamois. Manufactured in Italy using 100% recycled materials, these bib shorts embody sustainability without compromising performance.

Featuring a Lumbar Support System, these bib shorts integrate an x-shaped panel above the rear of the chamois, constructed from proprietary fabric with exceptional woven density. This panel enhances stability and proprioception in critical muscle zones, optimising the rider's balance and orientation during intense efforts.

The SM-Anatomic chamois, renowned for its high performance, has been further improved with a complete three-dimensional moulding that conforms better to the body's anatomy, providing enhanced comfort during rides. Variable densities and thicknesses in key zones ensure precise support and comfort throughout the ride.

Designed with a pre-shaped fit, these bib shorts minimise resistance to the body's natural riding position, maximising comfort, aerodynamics, and ease of motion while on the bike.