Q36.5 Salopette Unique

By Q36.5


Q36.5  Bib Shorts Unique redefines performance cycling apparel with the pioneering three-dimensional ergogenic seamless bib shorts, setting a new standard in comfort and performance. Crafted as a one-piece garment, these bib shorts boast integrated structures woven seamlessly, delivering an unparalleled "Peau d’Ange" sensation, akin to a true second skin.

Recipient of the esteemed Red Dot Design Award for high design quality, the UNIQUE bib shorts stand as a testament to their outstanding innovation and design. Evaluated by an international jury, these bib shorts offer an exceptional blend of innovative design and top-tier quality.

Featuring minimal tubular strap construction, these bib shorts ensure exceptional breathability and rapid drying, offering remarkable comfort with their sartorial reverse tubular construction. The hidden seams eliminate skin contact, enhancing overall comfort.

Designed with a ribbed construction of varying densities, the vented structure optimises abdominal ventilation and minimises heat buildup, resulting in enhanced breathability during intense rides.

Engineered with pre-shaped structures and graduated compression, the UNIQUE bib shorts provide targeted support to specific muscle groups, optimising performance and comfort. The shifting density pattern on the quadriceps enhances venous return, while the raw cut bottom ensures maximum comfort and aerodynamics.

With a focus on stability and durability, the lumbar support area boasts the highest woven density and incorporates pure silver thread for antibacterial and electromagnetic field blocking properties, allowing for unhindered muscle function.

Furthermore, the stability area, reinforced with Cordura® Polyamide, enhances stability on the saddle, prevents power loss, and ensures long-lasting durability.

Completing the ensemble is the innovative FUSION VENTED chamois, featuring a 3-dimensional design and strategically placed breathable foam for optimal protection and comfort. With its ergonomic construction, this chamois minimises friction points on the saddle, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable ride.