Women's Escapism Bibs



Crafted for the modern explorer, these bibs offer unparalleled versatility and mobility for all your outdoor escapades. Engineered with structured nylon fabric, they boast exceptional four-way stretch capabilities, ensuring unrestricted movement during every adventure.

Designed to meet the demands of today's outdoor enthusiasts, these bibs feature strategically integrated pockets on the thighs and back straps, providing convenient storage options for your essential gear while on the move.

Constructed from C0-rated DWR-treated fabric, these bibs offer superior durability and water resistance, making them ideal companions for unpredictable weather conditions. With a composition of 53% Nylon and 47% Elastane, they strike the perfect balance between strength and flexibility. Meticulously crafted in Italy, these bibs combine quality craftsmanship with innovative design to meet the needs of the modern adventurer.