Chroma Womens Bib Short



Universal Colours Chroma Women’s Bib Short

The Universal Colours Chroma Women’s Bib Short epitomises peak performance, style, and durability in cycling apparel, designed with the discerning female cyclist in mind.

Premium Design and Fit

Crafted from the finest French woven nylon, these bib shorts deliver top-tier performance and comfort. Redesigned for the 2023 season based on rider feedback, they feature a higher waist fit, a new soft waistband, and slightly longer leg length with improved grippers to ensure the shorts stay in place. Wider and softer straps enhance stretch and breathability for optimal comfort.

Advanced Comfort and Support

The Chroma bib short includes the new Elastic Interface® Road Performance Space 2 seat pad, designed for all-day rides. This pad is wider, longer, and thicker with a higher density rating, made from recycled fabrics and a high-performance bio-based foam layer, with 60% plant-based components.

Practical and Sustainable Features

Designed with a 'Nature Calls' pee-break friendly feature, these bib shorts allow for easy nature breaks without the need to fully disrobe. Highly compressive, they support muscles during intense efforts. An OekoTex® 100 certified finish ensures no harmful dyes or chemicals are used in production.

Longevity and Ethical Manufacturing

The lightweight nylon weave guarantees a lifespan up to seven times longer than its knit counterparts, ensuring these bib shorts withstand the toughest conditions. Designed by Universal Colours and manufactured in Lithuania by the BlueSign® accredited factory, LTP, they represent a blend of sustainability, quality, and performance.

The Universal Colours Chroma Women’s Bib Short is the ultimate choice for female cyclists seeking superior comfort, durability, and style on every ride.