Udog Tensione

By UDog


Introducing TENSIONE, the revolutionary cycling shoe engineered to synchronise with your every pedal stroke, from pushing down to pulling up.

TENSIONE redefines cycling footwear by offering unprecedented support and comfort. Crafted to enhance both training sessions and competitive races, this shoe priorities speed without compromising on stability.

Designed with comfort at its core, TENSIONE boasts a minimalist yet sophisticated design that eliminates pressure points typically caused by hardware and metal parts. The intricate lace-up closure system ensures a snug fit, while the absence of stitching enhances overall comfort.

The upper of TENSIONE is crafted from innovative 3D technical mesh, renowned for its lightweight, breathable, and soft properties, ensuring optimal ventilation during long rides.

Experience the ultimate in foot support with the Tension Wrap System (TWS), which creates 18 points of contact between the upper and your feet. This metatarsal dynamic system ensures an optimal fit, allowing for a controlled transfer of power to the pedal throughout the entire pedal stroke.

The foundation of TENSIONE lies in its composite carbon and nylon outsole, featuring a directed ventilation channel for enhanced breathability. The integrated rubber heel and toe caps offer durability, while the large metatarsal platform facilitates easy cleat engagement. With a stiffness index of 7.0, this high-performance outsole guarantees consistent stiffness along the foot, optimising power transfer for an efficient ride.